Set Sail for a Nautical Wedding

What’s Sparking Our Interest

Any bride and groom infatuated with the sea and planning to host a summer wedding should consider the endless options behind selecting a timeless nautical theme. Lauren Kinsey Photography’s beautiful illustration of this Houston couple’s destination wedding in Florida has led us to fall head over heels for all things nautical.

Get Inspired

There are so many ways to incorporate a few nautical elements into your wedding, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to bring you a modern spin on this classic seafaring theme.

Anchored in Love: There’s something special about the symbolism behind the strength of an anchor, especially at a wedding. Representing a deeply rooted love between the bride and groom, this nautical detail is perfect for accenting your big day.
Photo Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

Sail the High Seas: From the navy and white, dotted envelope lining to the one-of-a-kind sailboat cutout, this darling save the date brings your guests to shore for a wedding they won’t want to miss!
Photo Credit: Broadway Paper

Tying the Knot: Nothing says nautical quite like a knotted rope, and these table numbers certainly bring the reception that special flare.
Photo Credit: Studio 28 Photography

Feeling Fishy: A fishnet table runner is an excellent way to create a casual (and coastal) dining experience for your guests. To go the extra mile with your theme, we suggest serving various appetizers and entrees that spotlight tasty delicacies of the sea.
Photo Credit: Completely Coastal

Such a Lifesaver: After a sweet exchange of vows, these decorative life preservers couldn’t be more perfect for bringing a little festive décor to the reception and highlighting the bride and groom’s table.
Photo Credit: Captured Photography


By: Kelsea Russo