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Are you attending the show to meet brides, or sign them up? Our pre-show mailing allows brides to meet you before the show, so you can sign them up at the Extravaganza. Brides will head directly to your booth to meet your staff. The price is only $275 for a 2-sided coupon in the pre-show … [Read more...]

Stacy Hickson & David McCarty

Stacy & David 
JW Baugh

High Flying Love Stacy, a corporate accountant and David, a pilot and custom homebuilder, were high school sweat hearts and have been inseparable ever since. Back then, Stacy was captain of the drill team and David played varsity football. Eleven years later, David asked for her hand … [Read more...]

Shannon Galvin & Carter Charanza


Keeping Tradition Shannon, an insurance agent and Carter, a superintendent for a construction firm, met though Shannon’s brother in College Station,TX. These two Aggies selected Briscoe Manor in Richmond, TX because they loved the “country, but formal feel.” The bride was stunning in her … [Read more...]

A Big Sky “I Do!”


Texas Ranch Weddings Meet Their Match at The Ranch at Rock Creek Couples who enjoy the great outdoors in a luxury environment but want more than the texas ranch wedding has to offer should consider The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. The ranch offers a taste of the Wild West with a little … [Read more...]