How to plan the perfect Valentine’s


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, every girl wants the pink and the glitz. By putting together my very own Valentine’s Day Wedding shower with the theme of Candy Land, I came up with a few helpful tips to make yours perfect in every aspect.   Day Wedding Shower I began with choosing my … [Read more...]

Fresh out of Mexico


  It’s hard to cook like a chef. Most have advantages the rest of us don’t: training, skills, talent and passion. They usually have access to better ingredients. Chef Gonzalo Mendoza of the Hacienda de San Antonio in Colima, Mexico,exploits all his advantages to create fresh, flavorful … [Read more...]


skinveda feature

  See what a synergy of eastern medicine ingredients combined with modern scientific delivery systems can do for your skin. SkinVeda nourishes, heals and protects skin using proven ingredients minus the toxins. SkinVeda delivers effective skincare without synthetic ingredients. Get … [Read more...]

Who Pays for What?


Although times have changed and weddings have become more and more modernized, the traditional way of budgeting has remained the same. Here's a common way financial responsibilities are divided among families. Bride Groom  Bride's Family  Groom's Family   By: … [Read more...]