BOTW-Elaina Williams

Elaina Williams

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 was supposed to be a whole day at the beach in Galveston, TX. Breakfast at Miller's Landing, lunch and dinner at a place of our choosing and then a walk on the beach before we head back home. Well for me and my fiancé (Tristan Below) we can plan all we want but with our crazy … [Read more...]

Winter Accessories for Bridesmaids

bridal shrug

 Bridal shrugs come in handy when you want your bridesmaids to wear strapless dresses. It is easy to put on and take off afterwards when they have been dancing all night long. It gives a nice elegance touch. (Amber sue photography & design)   If you want your bridesmaids to match and … [Read more...]

Most Iconic Wedding Movies to watch with your Bridesmaids!


Sometimes you just want to relax with your bridesmaids and not worry about any Wedding details but you don’t know what to do. If you want to get a laugh and at the same time watch a romance movie, here are some movies to watch: My Best Friends Wedding (1997) Julianne and Michael have known each … [Read more...]

Wedding Hair Styles


              Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair for your wedding day, it just means you have less work to do the day of your wedding. Here are a few styles for short hair that may interest you or even your bridal party. Keep it simple with a messy down look you can pair … [Read more...]


Lace Collage

An invitation seems like it could be a minor detail to some, especially with evites and e-mail. However, the wedding invitation tells the guests what they should expect at your upcoming wedding. It sets the entire mood of the wedding with your chosen wedding colors, themes, attire, food choices and … [Read more...]